Thermal or Electric kart ?

So, do you prefer electric kart or thermal? Kart is an exciting sport that brings young and old together. However, it is sometimes criticized for various reasons. Indeed, when it comes to the kart, it is usually a powered vehicle, where issues can arise.

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal kart

  • noise (involving communication problems and hearing loss when it is repeated)
  • pollution (smoke, carbon monoxide)
  • fuel storage problem (which implies a high risk of an accident)
  • cost of fuel (especially as it continues to increase)
  • odors (causing some headaches)
  • expensive facilities (due to insurance costs, costs of soundproofing, fire-fighting equipment and CO2 detectors)
  • less expensive to buy (but requires a more expensive infrastructure)
  • currently, there is nothing more powerful than thermal electric racing karts

Advantages and disadvantages of electric kart

  • karts are quiet (we could barely hear the engine and drivetrain)
  • no release of CO2 during taxiing
  • no need to store fuel and therefore no danger. However, you must remember to recharge the vehicule.
  • no smell
  • possibility of installing a system both indoors and outdoors
  • more expensive to buy (but quickly pays for itself)
  • adjustable power curve

electric karts vs gaz karts

Under these conditions, one can imagine that karting companies will gradually replace their combustion vehicles with electric karts: they are easier to maintain, easier to manage  and cheaper. Furthermore, they have less impact on the environment and this will allow new circuits using electric karts to be seen more favorably within the community. Also in the future, it will be much easier (and less expensive) to develop a new electric kart circuit,  than a thermal kart circuit!

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