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HiVO, the high-voltage battery management system from BMS PowerSafe

Ultimate components – Versatile system – Safety and quality

For over 20 years, BMS PowerSafe has been designing and developing BMS (Battery Management System) boards to support manufacturers and equipment suppliers in the manufacture of their batteries and systems.

Our solutions, known for being the most secure on the market, are tailor-made by our design office to be compatible with all business sectors.

Today, with the rise of new forms of mobility and the development of numerous applications requiring a high-voltage battery, HiVO completes our value proposition by bringing together innovative components, ensuring maximum safety and offering a system that can be adapted to each project.

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Improve the performance and safety of your high-voltage batteries

Our HiVO management system combines 3 electronic boards (BMC, CMC and IMC), each playing an essential role in optimising the performance and safety of your high-voltage batteries (from 60 volts) that can be installed in :

  • Electric vehicles / retrofitted vehicles
  • Electric boats
  • Electric buses
  • ESS (Energy Storage System)
  • Etc
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  • Carte électronique bms système haute tension motherboard

3 reasons to choose HiVo to manage your high-voltage batteries

Ultimate components

BMS PowerSafe’s mission has always been to develop innovative solutions that offer the best value for money to its customers. HiVO is a system of BMS boards incorporating the latest components for excellent reliability and cost optimisation.

A versatile, high-performance system

Our battery management system has been designed to adapt to all batteries, whatever the application in which they are used. Its modularity and fully customisable advanced parameters make it extremely versatile.

100% guaranteed safety and quality

All HiVO system BMS cards are designed to ISO 26262 standards, individually tested and manufactured in France.

They’ve already chosen HiVO

These companies have entrusted us with the design of their management systems for high-voltage batteries, either as off-the-shelf solutions or as custom designs.

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