What is a BMS?

The BMS (Battery Management System) is the cornerstone of any energy storage system. It is an indispensable electronic system for using and producing batteries or energy systems.

It performs several functions:

  • The safe use of lithium elements: it prevents the emergence of critical events, and manages the charging and discharging of the battery,
  • Maximizes battery performance.

But also intelligent functions called “high level”:

  • Calculation of the state of charge and the state of health of the battery
  • Self-diagnosis functions of the BMS,
  • Communication with the host system: vehicle, supervisor of a solar or wind power station,
  • Communication and management of external systems: fast charging station, centralized fleet management system.

Why choose a product from BMSPowerSafe?

Qualified and secure products

BMS PowerSafe® implements all qualification and endurance tests in accordance with your specifications and your environmental constraints.

Our development plan includes a comprehensive quality approach, including the application of standard functional safety standards for electronic systems.

Our products are derived from automotive standards, and can offer hardware redundancy to achieve a level equivalent to SIL 2 of EN 61508.

If necessary, BMS PowerSafe® can also offer a FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis).

The “BMS PowerSafe®” technology is thus intended for all lithium and Ni-MH battery manufacturers wishing to offer a range of secure, high-performance and rapidly available products on the market.

Innovative products

The precision quality of the measurements, combined with the customization of the algorithms according to the different chemistries make “BMS PowerSafe®” solutions a particularly innovative technological solution, efficient and secure, whether to meet your needs for onboard or stationary BMS solutions.

The latest generation of BMS from BMS PowerSafe® brings unparalleled efficiency and safety in the management of lithium or Ni-M battery packs

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BMS for all your needs

Whether you are interested in an off-the-shelf product or tailor-made, our BMS are fully adaptable to all types of applications according to your needs and requirements, thanks to a mastery that extends from development, to industrialization, going through the certification.

The electronics and algorithms of our calculators adjust to the different battery chemistries in order to obtain the best performances.

All our BMS are intended for professionals and can not be sold to individuals.