Unique and high quality stationary solutions

Existing and proven solutions

BMS PowerSafe® now has off-the-shelf solutions for stationary energy storage.
These solutions have been manufactured in volume for our customers, and are totally reliable and proven for your applications:

  • Smart-grid,
  • Autonomous energy storage unit,
  • UPS (inverter + battery) of medium and high power.

Serialization / Parallelization

Our BMS solutions are serializable (for high voltages) or parallelizable (for large energy capacities). Parallel 48 V BMS solutions have been developed: they are adaptable to all electrochemicals. They make it possible to make energy modules and to adjust the number of them to the necessary energy capacity of your application, or of your customer.

Our customized BMS solutions

Apart from our products available directly off the shelf, all BMS PowerSafe® products can be developed according to very precise specifications determined by the chemistry of the batteries, their types of use, the performance of the battery, etc. R&D study allows us to offer custom-made BMS solutions.

BMS PowerSafe® can offer solutions developed from existing hardware and software solutions.

Need a quote for your project? We invite you to tell us all the technical information (type, approximate number of pieces, target price, …) of your BMS, and we will get back to you soon to discuss more details.

All our BMS are intended for professionals and may not be sold to individuals.

Hot Swap Technology

We have developed a unique technology on the market, allowing to connect battery modules “during the activity” without interruption / discontinuity in the supply of energy.

These solutions are acclaimed by our customers in applications where the continuity of energy supply is fundamental, in hospitals for example. To learn more about these technologies, contact us.

All our BMS are intended for professionals and may not be sold to individuals.