Bordeaux, September 26th 2023 | BMS PowerSafe launches HiVO, a high voltage battery management system.

This innovative solution, developed entirely by the firm’s research and development department, combines three BMS controllers, each playing an important role in optimising battery safety:

  • HiVO Slave Board (Cells Management Controller): BMS 12S with up to 20 boards serializable to reach a required voltage. Powered directly from the battery cells, HiVO Slave Board controllers give versatility to the whole system, adapting to battery voltage requirements.
  • HiVO Master Board (Battery Management Controller): This BMS is used to supervise the “Slave” controllers. It is the brain of the HiVO system, calculating and supervising all the elements of the battery (temperature, voltage, current, SOC, SOH, etc.). For complex projects, this controller can be parallelized up to 7 boards via an external electronic Energy Management System (EMS).
  • HiVO Isolation Board (Isolation Management Controller): This BMS focuses primarily on absorbing high voltages and currents from the battery. It plays a key role in the safety of the whole system.

A modular high-voltage battery management system

With the development of this highly modular management system, BMS PowerSafe intends to strengthen its position as an innovative BMS pure player by offering a high-performance solution tailored to the new needs of battery manufacturers and OEMs.

“The HiVO high-voltage battery management system has been specially developed to support battery manufacturers for electric and retrofitted vehicles, electric buses, electric boats, racing cars, construction machinery and agricultural robots.” says Benoit Lalande, Technical Director at BMS PowerSafe.

3 key features to meet the needs of manufacturers

The HiVO solution has 3 major assets that make it innovative:

  • Ultimate components

HiVO BMS boards incorporate the latest components for greater reliability and optimised system costs.

  • A versatile system

This new battery management solution offers high hardware modularity and software versatility thanks to advanced, customisable parameters.

  • Optimised safety and controlled quality

The HiVO system is designed in compliance with ISO 26262. All controllers are individually tested and produced in France.

François Enez, Sales Manager at BMS PowerSafe, comments: “HiVO meets the performance and safety needs of manufacturers, while guaranteeing compliance with their technical constraints thanks to its tailor-made design”.

About BMS PowerSafe

BMS PowerSafe is a Startec Energy company based in France and specialising in the design and production of battery management systems boards. The BMS developed by the company incorporate the latest-generation software and electronic components, enabling it to be innovative and meet the technical needs of manufacturers in the electric mobility (cars, boats, buses, racing cars), robotics (construction machinery, agricultural robots), military/defence and energy storage markets.

BMS PowerSafe is ranked among the top 3 pure-play BMS manufacturers in Europe and among the top 10 worldwide.

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