BMS PowerSafe: the safety of your batteries

Our embedded BMS solutions

With its experience, its research capabilities and its values of excellence, BMS PowerSafe can adapt to all your BMS needs.

Our know-how in electromobility ranges from electric bikes to electric racing cars. extends to all types of vehicles, hybrid or electric.

We have many references to this level.

BMS PowerSafe solution range

We have a whole range of BMS available off the shelf that we can use directly or that can be adapted.

On your specifications, we can also develop and realize the most suitable BMS for your application.

Our software solutions will help you to analyze the operation of your battery to offer your customers always more security and performance.

Our stationary BMS solutions

Our stationary BMS solutions have been developed with the best care to meet specific needs.

We have off the shelf existing solutions (48V, etc …).

We can also develop tailor-made solutions to perfectly meet your specifications.

Our business

Specialized in embedded system intelligence, BMS PowerSafe designs and produces intelligent battery management systems, integrating software and electronic of new generation allowing us to be a leader in the following markets:

  • the small electromobility

  • electric cars

  • energy storage

  • military / defense

BMS PowerSafe can adapt to your BMS needs for your electric vehicles: VAE, scooters, cars, drones, …

Our stationary solutions are all developed with the best care to answer to your needs. Because your issues are unique, BMS PowerSafe can also develop a specific BMS solution for you.

BMS PowerSafe has developed several software tools to assist you in controlling, customizing and optimizing your battery systems.

Quotation request

Do you have a specific need? Send us a message with the details of your project, we will get back to you quickly to make a proposal.

Our last news

Let’s meet on EES 2019 in Munich

As a player in energy storage since 1999, BMS PowerSafe will present its latest innovations on EES, the trade show for electronic energy storage, along with Neogy, another Startec Development Group company.

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The company Ventec was renamed BMS PowerSafe

With a 20-year legacy in the design of BMS (Battery Management System), the company Ventec was renamed BMS PowerSafe. It will soon offer a range of BMS which is even more advanced and better adapted to current needs, to the extent that the BMS is the corner stone of any battery system.

PCM vs BMS, a dilemma for product designers

A lot of product designers hesitate between a PCM (Protection Circuit Module) and a BMS (Battery Management System) in order to protect the battery pack of their devices. These 2 type of electronic boards are, however, very different in the way they work and with regard to the desired outcome.