The ideal software to visualize, analyze and control your batteries.

What is the BMS PowerSafe® supervision software for?

The supervision software allows you to:

  • Visualize the functioning of the BMS and visualize all the data measured by the system
  • Configure the BMS : battery capacity, voltage limits, temperature, current, …
  • Record logs in Excel files of all data measured by the BMS
  • Diagnose the system in the event of a malfunction
  • Consult the black box
  • Update firmware

The supervision software can be installed on a PC and communicates with the BMS via a USB / CAN bus adapter from PEAK Systems (link here).


The “Live view” tab for an iBMS 6-10S:


The “Parameters” tab allows you to modify the various parameters of the BMS

The “Journal” tab allows you to see what happened in the battery (black box)


The Supervision software can make log, exportable in .csv.


Different access levels

The Supervision software can have different access levels according to the people using it

  • You: full access to modify parameters
  • Your customer: partial access to modify selected parameters
  • The end user: only reading selected parameters


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