20 years of experience in electronics

BMS PowerSafe® is the new brand of Startec Energy® Group, for its BMS design and manufacturing activity.

It all began in 1999, when the Startec Group’s historical company designed and supplied BMS for leaders like SAFT.
Since then, for more than 20 years, we have developed a unique know-how in the market and in very diverse applications. Our hardware and software skills make us BMS experts to date. Today we offer the most secure BMS solutions on the market.

Our positioning “No compromise between performance and security”

Our skills and our markets

Our combined and complementary skills between the electric vehicle industry, the electronics sector, and the software development sector, are all assets for the management of Lithium and NiMH batteries.

BMS PowerSafe® guarantees a safe and efficient management of Lithium and Ni-MH batteries, whatever their field of application. BMS PowerSafe® develops smart battery management systems that integrate next-generation software and electronic cards.

The capitalization of experience in the design and production of Lithium battery management calculators (BMS) allows BMS PowerSafe® to be a market leader in the following markets:

  • small electromobility,

  • electric cars,

  • energy storage,

  • autonomous drone,

  • military and defense.

Our products are delivered all over Europe and other countries.

At the heart of innovation

The BMS (Battery Management System) is the cornerstone of any energy storage system.

It provides safety, thermal control, voltage balancing, load management, discharge and information processing of cells in the batteries.
The quality of measurement accuracy associated with the customization of algorithms according to different chemistries make our products particularly innovative and strategic technological solutions in your system.
Our Research & Development unit selects the most efficient electronic components on the market to design reliable and secure architectures at the cutting edge of technology.
Our technology ensures control and security of your battery systems, while being reliable and competitive. BMS PowerSafe® products are aimed at all battery manufacturers, but also at vehicle manufacturers or integrators, who want to offer a range of secure and efficient electric or hybrid vehicles.

Thanks to our solutions, optimize the time to market of your products!

Our manufacturing process

All our BMS are designed by us.
From prototypes up to several tens, they are manufactured directly in our workshops.
For “series” volumes of several hundreds or thousands, we call on partners previously audited and selected, in which we have full confidence. These guarantee the best quality / cost / time delivery for your project. These trusted partners have been working for Startec Group for more than 10 years.
All our BMS are then 100% individually tested in our workshops during a test at the end of the chain. This gives us 100% control over the BMS delivered to our customers. By this strategy, we limit potential sales returns and guarantee a higher level of quality on the market.

The guarantee of a 100% functional product

Maintenance and technical assistance

Integration monitoring of BMS
We ensure the continuous improvement of our products, as well as the update of the firmware to support the evolution of your needs.

Management of obsolescence
We regularly monitor with component manufacturers to identify end-of-life components as soon as possible. If necessary, we can redesign the BMS to ensure the sustainability of your project.

Guaranted supplying period of 10 years
Upon request, BMS PowerSafe® can provide 10-year sustainability commitments. These documents are regularly requested during public calls for tenders (eScooter, etc …). You can count on this durability to defend your proposal during a call for tenders.

BMS PowerSafe®: Your strategic partner on the BMS