Benefits of BMS PowerSafe®

Using a Battery Management System from BMS PowerSafe® in your embedded or stationary projects, it makes it sure to have a battery pack:

  • which ensures safety for the user, and to avoids accidents.
  • that is as efficient as possible, in order to make the best use of your battery energy.
  • that is going to last over time. Indeed, the battery management system of BMS PowerSafe® will maximize the lifetime of your battery.
  • which is robust in order to be able to endure a maximum in atypical conditions or in extreme environmental constraints.
  • that is intelligent: the BMS of BMS PowerSafe® has advanced algorithms that adapt to all types of batteries and to your application.
Our BMS adapt to your needs: We can adapt the parameters of the BMS to your choice of Lithium technologies (chemistry), and its specifications to offer the best level of safety and performance.

The different types of BMS

BMS PowerSafe® also offers a range of off-the-shelf BMSs, such as 4S, 6S, 6-10S, etc…

BMS PowerSafe® offers different types of BMS: embedded solutions for electro mobility and electric vehicles, but also stationary solutions for storage systems, etc…

Our BMS can be customised to meet your specific needs. In this case, you can make a request directly from our dedicated page.


A local and responsive team to ensure excellent communication

Our teams are very mobilized on your projects, and respond quickly to your requests. We maintain very regular links with our customers to ensure flawless communication quality and responsiveness.

It is necessary to regularly develop the products and our teams work every day with you to improve your satisfaction and the user experience of your customers.

Choosing BMS PowerSafe® means ensuring quality monitoring to carry out your project.


BMS PowerSafe® capitalizes on 20 years of experience in BMS with wide references

An electronic expert serving customer applications

  • Large series electric bike: Leading european pack maker uses our BMS 10S, to provide more safety and performance than with a low-end PCM
  • High-end electric bike: We have developed a fully customized BMS 14S incorporating BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology for the connected bike of our partner COLEEN
  • Power electric scooter: Our partner Eccity specialist in the French electric scooter, successfully uses our BMS 8-18S, for its Made in France vehicles.
  • 2nd battery life: Our battery recycler partner uses our BMS 14S for a stationary 48V storage system with 10 battery packs in parallel
  • Safety robotics: Our BMS 8-16S are used by safety robots for firefighters thanks to our partner Tecdron
  • Many other partners use our BMS in their applications, in the search for the best performance and security


Need more information?

Contact our team in order to identify together your precise needs and to draw up an estimate.