Description technique

Cells management

  • Management of 6 to 10 lithium cells in series*, compatible with all cell technologies (NMC, LiFe, LiPo…)
  • Management of 2 NTC temperature sensors
  • Measurements accuracy:
    • Cell voltages: +/- 5 mV
    • Temperatures: +/- 1°C


  • Over-current software protection:
    • several configurable levels during charge and discharge phases
  • Overdischarge, overcharge, overtemperature protection
  • Short circuit hardware protection (electronic fuse):
    • Above 42 A for more than 100 µs


  • Passive balancing with 100 mA bypass current

Power box

  • Integrated power box with MOSFET technology:
    • 30 A continuous current in discharge
    • 40 A maximum peak current in discharge
    • 20 A continuous current in charge
  • Bidirectional current measurement
  • Precharge circuit included on the BMS

Smart functions

  • SOC and SOH estimation
  • Display of the SOC and SOH on an external LED display (optional)
  • Management of a push button or switch to wake up the battery
  • Automatic detection of the charger connection with wake up of the BMS
  • Advanced self-diagnostic of the board
  • Communication by CAN bus 2.0B
  • Advanced supervision software
  • Black box integrated with defaults history storage and life counters
  • BLE communication (optional)

Power supply/consumption

  • Supply of the BMS directly on the battery pack
  • Very low consumption in sleep mode: < 60 µA

Mechanical format

  • 130 mm x 61 mm x 11 mm

* Factory setting