Startec Energy® launches a new brand “BMS PowerSafe®” for its BMS design and manufacturing activity.

Logo BMS PowerSafe®With a 20-year legacy in the design of BMS (Battery Management System), the company Ventec was renamed BMS PowerSafe®. It will soon offer a range of battery management system which is even more advanced and better adapted to current needs, to the extent that the BMS is the corner stone of any battery system.

Combining performance and safety, BMS PowerSafe® solutions bring recognized expertise in the electromobility market to manufacturers such as “Eccity”, the French leader in electric scooters, “Sodikart”, the world leader in karting, or BMZ batteries where BMS PowerSafe® (formerly Ventec) equips and secures more than 4,000 e-bikes. Our company also has historical customers such as SAFT, BMZ and Forsee Power. Finally, in 2018, Andros Trophy electric vehicles, all equipped with BMS PowerSafe®, dominated the race against thermal cars.

In the stationary energy storage market, BMS PowerSafe® has a full range of BMS, including unique technology for hot swap parallelization without high-level EMS.

For more specific activities, such as connected drones, autonomous military machines or any other application for which the requirements are the highest, our company develops tailor-made BMS solutions, from specifications, either by adapting its BMS or by offering a specific development.

Who is Startec Energy®

logo Startec Energy®The Startec Energy®Group, based in New Aquitaine, draws on more than 20 years of expertise in electronics and energy management (BMS, battery, EMS …). Composed of 40 people, more than half of whom are engineering experts, it has consolidated sales of 3 million euros with strong growth potential for the coming years. Startec has designed BMS since 1999 for Saft Bordeaux and these BMS are now also used by the biggest manufacturers of battery packs in Europe (Saft, BMZ, Forsee Power, Leclanché …). Several projects are under study with promising start-ups that offer innovative energy solutions.

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