BMS 8-18S becomes BMS 6-18S

The BMS 8-18S is one of the most used products at BMS PowerSafe®. Present in electric boats or agricultural robots, this BMS is ideal for multiple applications. In order to make this product even more efficient and to make it compatible with the latest requirements of our customers, the BMS PowerSafe® teams have decided to upgrade the BMS 8-18S to the 6-18S. This one answers a wider range of applications and brings new features.

Give the best performance in your applications BMS 6-18S

The BMS 6-18S is a very versatile product. It can be used as a stand-alone unit, but also in series. Originally designed for an 18S need for an electric scooter application, this BMS has also been widely used in other projects for which it has been serialized. This is notably the case for the Vitibot vineyard robot which uses 4 24V battery packs in series with a 6-18S BMS configured in 7S in each of them.

Thanks to its hardware redundancy on voltage and temperature measurements, this BMS is based on a SIL2 architecture, thus ensuring a high level of security for the whole battery pack. The BMS has an accuracy of plus or minus 5 mV and a bypass of 150mA, which is sufficient in many cases as long as the battery is well balanced during production.

Two new integrated features

Some BMSs require an external 12V supply to power the ADC. The brand new BMS 6-18S now integrates this function and this power supply is directly provided by the battery.

Another new feature is that the BMS firmware can now be updated via the CAN 2.0B serial link. This makes it easier and faster to update the firmware.

The BMS 6-18S is the ideal product if you want a powerful, accurate and safe BMS for your application.

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