The ideal software to control and analyze your batteries.

What is the BMS PowerSafe Supervisor software for?

The BMS PowerSafe Supervisor software allows to observe the operation of the BMS thanks to the direct control of the battery status, the voltages, the current and the temperature, etc …

It also allows:

  • Real-time management of the BMS and the battery system,
  • To modify the parameters of the BMS: Battery capacity, current limit, etc..,
  • Save all BMS data in an Excel file.

It is an ideal tool for end-of-pipe testing and debugging.

What level of information is found with the BMS PowerSafe Supervisor software?

There are 3 levels of users on the BMS PowerSafe Supervisor software. These allow different access to information:

  • Basic: Restricted access to battery data
  • Silver: Access to battery data
  • Gold: Access and possibility of modification of the battery data

You will have “Gold” access  but you can offer your customers access “Basic” or “Silver” with limited rights.

Example: possibility to access the history of the black box (lifetime counter) for “Gold” access.


How can I get more information about the BMS PowerSafe Supervisor software?

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